Consulting Only – Talk to Me!

Ideal package for:

  • bride who wants to plan her wedding (or already has someone who wants to plan the wedding such as a mother or relative) but wants ideas, design, and/or guidance as they go through the process of planning and customizing a unique, personalized wedding
  • bride who needs help getting started and/or wants to make sure she has an organized and manageable way to track and organize all aspects of wedding planning
  • bride who is in the planning process and wants a planner to ensure they have planned and prepared for all aspects of the wedding
  • bride who would like for an outside party to communicate with wedding party, track RSVPs, handle guest correspondence and/or travel accommodations for guests, communicate with certain vendors or pass off individual, specific responsibilities of the wedding planning and organization


  • phone or face-to-face appointment for any and all wedding, planning, etiquette, budget, and decor related questions
  • client may use consulting time towards organizing and handling guest arrangements or specific vendors

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